Lehmann PLC

Image of Lehmann PLC website on different devices

Walt Lehmann came to us wanting a new web site for his law firm. We designed a web site that fit his identity and spoke specifically to creative professionals, cultural institutions, and non-profits.

We created a new logo, developed a statement of identity, and designed a visual concept that matched Walt’s business goals with what his potential clients are looking for.

Although the site was simple, we spent a lot of time on the details. We cut the mountains of text usually seen on an attorney’s website, and made it easy for his visitors to understand who his target audience is, his services, and how to get in touch for a free consultation. Walt provides a lot of articles, educational materials, and free downloadable forms. We wanted to make sure that both he and his site visitors got the most out of those resources, so we made sure each article looked beautiful as a PDF print out, and that there were ‘next steps’ to take once site visitors were finished.

The result was a simple and effective layout that maintains an easy-going professionalism (on any device).

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